Crown Cleaning, Thinning and Reduction

Crown cleaning, thinning and reduction helps to maintain the health and appearance of your trees.

Crown Cleaning: We remove dead, dying or diseased wood from the crown of the tree to prevent the spread of disease and improve the appearance of the tree.

Crown Thinning: We selectively remove branches within the canopy to reduce the overall density, improve light penetration, and minimize wind resistance.

Crown Reduction: We remove the ends of the branches in order to reduce the overall height and spread of the tree. This is typically done to minimize the tree's impact on nearby structures or to balance an uneven crown.

View a before/after example of sympathetic pruning.

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Structural and Restoration Pruning

Structural and restoration pruning helps to reduce or remove branches to correct defects and restore a foundation for future growth.

Structural Pruning: We target the removal of branches that have weak attachments or are likely to break, in order to improve the stability of the tree and reduce the risk of damage.

Restoration Pruning: We restore the crown of a tree that has been damaged by storms, vandalism, or other factors, with the goal of promoting healthy growth and restoring the tree's natural form.

High-End Amenity Pruning

Arbscape specialises in the maintenance of high-end amenity trees, often including historic trees with significant environmental and community value.

We use advanced pruning techniques and equipment to ensure that our work is safe, efficient and effective. To meet our client’s needs, Arbscape offers a wide range of pruning services designed to maintain the health and appearance of your trees.

We go to great lengths to maintain the health and beauty of your trees for years to come.