Arborist Audits & Reports

Arbscape offers comprehensive arborist report services to our clients by a suitably qualified Certificate V reporting Arborist.

Our reports are designed to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their trees and help them maintain healthy and safe tree populations on their property.

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Pruning Services

Pruning is an essential tree care service that involves the removal of dead, diseased, or damaged branches from a tree. It helps to maintain the shape, health, and overall appearance of the tree. Arbscape offers a wide range of pruning services to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us today or click learn more below to find out more about our pruning services.

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Cable & Bracing Systems

Cable and bracing systems are designed to provide structural support to trees that may be weakened due to structural damage, disease, pests or other environmental factors.

Arbscape uses high-quality cobra bracing to allow movement within the tree canopy and still provide the added safety or a dynamic bracing system. Our tree cable and bracing system offers numerous benefits, including increased safety for people and property, improved health and longevity and enhanced aesthetic appeal.

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Rope Access & Climbing

Using innovative rope access techniques, our qualified and skilled professionals are able to climb to difficult locations with ease and ensure the safety of everyone involved in the operation. Our climbing and rope access services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your property and vegetation. We have the ability to use climbing and abseiling techniques to access hard-to-reach trees.

ESI Accredited Pruning

At Arbscape, all of our arborists are ESI accredited, which gives us the skills and qualification to work safely on trees around powerlines and provide advice on safe pruning to ESI standards.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Arbscape values the safety and individual needs for all customers. We offer expert hazardous tree removal for residential and commercial properties. Our experienced and skilled professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques to remove any hazardous trees in the most efficient and safest manner possible. We understand the risks that come with having hazardous trees on your property, and we will take steps to minimize any potential damage to surrounding buildings, landscape or vegetation.

Tree Transplants

Arbscape provides tree transplant services to relocate trees. Tree transplanting is the process of relocating or moving trees which can be a major project and usually requires a long recovery time for the tree, however our expertise allow us to safely transplant trees while minimising damage to the tree.

Pest Control

Trees can become vulnerable to pests and diseases that can cause severe damage, potentially leading to the loss of the tree itself. Our team of experts has developed a comprehensive program that identifies, treats and prevents these issues from further damaging your precious trees. Additionally, our program comes with the added convenience of regular monitoring and maintenance of your trees to ensure that they remain healthy and in top condition.

Habitat Creation

Habitat Creation is used to create suitable homes for wildlife by carving artificial hollows in trees and branches, which can be used to attract and retain native wildlife, especially in urban areas. These can be targeted at a specific species and provide a more natural appearance that conventional externally attached nesting boxes.

Planting Projects

Not only does Arbscape care for, maintain and preserve trees, we can also assist in your planting projects. If you have a planting project in mind we can help to select the best type of tree, location, and follow-up care to get your tree off to a healthy start and develop the best mature tree for your needs.